Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Speed Bandage

"The forecast looked good," I reminded my grandfather as we marched through the accumulating snow.

"Welcome, to Wisconsin."

"Well put." I chuckled. Deer prints from early that day guided us along the trail into the 80 acre woods behind my grandfather's farm. I followed my grandfather's size 15 Eddie Bauer foot prints.

Two days before, a high of 50 had melted the midwinter snow, exposing raw fields and the stench of manure for the first time since mid November. Arriving in Milwaukee on Thursday night, I spent a long weekend in Sheboygan County poking around for antiques, enjoying fish fries and most importantly, the rustic serenity of my grandfather's farm.

Waking early and falling asleep before eleven, my daily schedule mimicked the sun's. My cell phone barely worked and the internet was reminiscent of dial up. I didn't complain.


I love these colors.

Country road, take me home. John Denver got it.

Sound the bell.


Sunday I awoke to light flurries as a storm moved in across the plains from the west. Taking the opportunity to explore the recently white landscape, my grandfather and I set out into the woods behind his house.

The heavy falling snow muffled the woods. Occasionally, a branch gave way, shaking the snow resting on top of it. Sparsely breaking the silence, we followed the deer's tracks in the woods.

After an hour walk, we headed back, bushwacking a trail through the dense ceder swamp. Arriving at the house, I packed up my things, bid farewell and headed to the Airport to catch my flight back LaGuardia. Five hours later, I was in New York. I had caught the last flight out before the storm shut the area down.

Call it a speed bandage for alleviating some of the frustrations of living in New York.

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andy rubey said...

There is something about that first photo... I swear you can hear the quiet.

Wonderful photos.

Foster Huntington said...

Thank you Andy. It's one of my favorites too.

C said...

As always, your posts always brighten my day! Great photos! :)


Palm Beach WASP said...

If I ever visit Wisconsin in the winter, I will have Bon Iver's "For Emma Forever Ago" playing on a loop. I am sure you've heard it, if not download asap.

Foster Huntington said...

that song is great. You would get a kick out of wisconsin.

thank you for the kind words. glad i could brighten your day,


Palm Beach WASP said...

Actually I was thinking the whole album, but it is a great song indeed!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Foster. Beautiful.

Foster Huntington said...

i will go a head and DL it. thanks for the heads up,

thank you. yours is looking amazing as always,

Michael Mundy said...

Thanks for taking us with you. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your pictures are inspiring.

Foster Huntington said...

you are too kind. i am still getting my apartment ready for you photos to do it justice. thank you for the kind words,

Anonymous said...

Bon Iver is the ultimate fall soundtrack. Sounds better over some coffee and burnt orange leaves.

Palm Beach WASP said...


Apparently the back story is he recorded the entire album himself while locked away in a cabin in the middle of winter in WI. He played all the instruments, did all the vocals and edited it. I have been waiting for a new album from him, but this one is going to be hard to top.

Foster Huntington said...

what a great backstory. Wisconsin is pretty isolating in the winter, i bet it would be perfect.

Stephanie said...

That picnic table is old....I remember it many years ago, did not hold up as well as the orange 6 man canvas tent that is still usable 50 years later. The tent got hung in the garage after every use.... It still smells that old smell that I can remember from childhood.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Palm - I love that album. I wasn't too excited to hear he teamed up with Kanye.

Palm Beach WASP said...

Don, Foster,

Here are a few other bands/albums for you to get: Some you may already have or think that's really obvious but, aside from my online handle, I have great taste! :)

The Avett Brothers, I'd just get them all...

Elvis Perkins in Deerland/Elvis Perkins in Deerland

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero's/ Up from Below.

Mumford & Sons/Sigh no more

and last but not least, probably the best POP album of all time.....Travis/The Boy with no name.

Foster Huntington said...

i listened to edward sharpe like a 12 year old girl listens to justin beiber this summer. good stuff,

Palm Beach WASP said...


40 day dream is the best track on that album, well Home is a close second. If you like Edward Sharpe, down load Elvis Perkins asap.


Excellent post, bro