Tuesday, March 8, 2011


"Why do you like farmer's markets?" Alex asked.

Surprised by questioning such an apparent truth, I stumbled for a few moments as we navigated the dense crowds at the Union Square Farmer's Marker.

"It reminds me of places outside of New York. I grew up going to them with my parents," I continued. "Now that I live in New York, its grounding." Although our conversation stopped shortly thereafter that Saturday, I continued to contemplate my attraction to farmer's markets.

The next morning, I awoke early to a gray spring morning. Walking through the rain, I grabbed some coffee and then headed towards the farmer's market on 77th and Columbus. The rain fended off the strollers and golden retrievers and gave everything a green hue. Moving slowly down the row of vendors, I took my time hunting for the week's groceries.

Grass fed, yuppie bought.

All of these photos were taken with Sigma's 50mm f1.4 lens. It beats Canon hands down.

Greens and purples.

Browns and Tans.

Wet, gray and orange.

Oyster Mushrooms.

Eggs and Spuds.

Everything got wet.


Lugging my groceries in an assortment of plastic and paper bags, I listened to the sound of loose change sloshing around in my pocket. As I counted the blocks down in my head, I regretted shopping on an empty stomach. With a snap, one of the plastic bags broke, spilling apples on Columbus Ave. Right there, I succeeded in answering Alex's question to Stuff White People Like, Article 5. I will be back next week.

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Anonymous said...

Gold. And so is Alex's post!

why not take the piss out of ourselves. More of it I say!

Foster Huntington said...

Take the piss out

Anonymous said...

Next to the carrots, I see... parsnips.
Parsnips are great.
Foster, do you eat parsnips?
Don't fear the parsnips... if you're unfamiliar with them, then try this...
Super simple...

take a parsnip and slice it down into little quarter or half inch thick discs. Use a large(for leveredge) sharp knife so you don't slip on the hard edge of the parsnip.
Throw them in a pot of boiling water and boil for 5 - 10 mins or till you can poke a knife through them w/ little effort.
Remove from water and add salt, pepper and substantial butter.

Goes great with steak & beer.
Subtle. Earthy. Yummy. Healthy.

-- Leif

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful shots!

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the recipe. sounds amazing, i will give it a try.

Anonymous said...

parsnips taste like shit Leif

- hate

Anonymous said...

Yes, hate, and a fine $20 cigar smells like shit, but parsnips and cigars are still among life's greatest pleasures.


Ash said...

just stumbled upon your blog!! Love your photographs!!

Main Street said...

Great post. I have a thing for markets...