Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clouds, Rain and Fog

I pinned my face against the cold window as the plane broke through the clouds over Mt. Hood on its initial decent into the Portland area.

The loudspeaker blasted, "Current weather; 42 degrees, overcast with an 85% chance of showers today."

Eagerly searching for familiar sights, I quickly spotted the radio towers pushing through a sea of heather gray. As our plane followed the Columbia River towards PDX, occasional holes in the clouds exposed suburban blocks nestled in ceder trees. Water droplets coated my window. A few seconds later, the clouds disappeared, exposing the familiar sights I had searched in vain for a few moments early.

Jerry Seinfeld once said on a visit to Portland, "The Pacific Northwest has two seasons: a rainy winter, and that one day in August." Although the truth is not quite as extreme as Jerry's quip, I learned to love the two-season climate growing up in and around the Portland area.

Unhampered by the clouds, rain and fog, I enjoyed the beautiful outdoors on my recent trip home. Like any obstacle barring from a fun activity, the constant rain only made the end result that much more rewarding. Here are photos from my 12 days back home.


The Columbia River Gorge.



Buffalo Steaks from Yakima.


The affirmation of the outside chance that I will one day, grow a beard.

I don't need an umbrella.

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Anonymous said...

When I first moved to Portland (from San Diego no less!!!!) I was told there were three seasons, rain, August and September. The first couple of years I railed against the weather. I would scream and cry every morning from January to July. I could not understand why it rained on Easter or 4th of July or my birthday (June baby, in San Digeo it never rains on my birthday!) After almost a decade I have (mostly) grown accustomed to the weather. Except this week. I really need some sunlight soon....

Foster Huntington said...

The weather isnt really any better in new york. I loved the rain. When its cold and windy in the east i miss it. i also miss the summers. nothing beats august in the northwest.

brohammas said...

Having left the west and not even visiting for seven years, I had occassion to fly into Portland and then drive back toward Lewiston, ID.

The Columbia River Gorge about sent me off the road with a sense of nostalgia I truly did not expect. That place is beautiful.

Ian said...

Excellent photos, as always.
After college, there's no place I'd rather live than the Northwest.

Foster Huntington said...

the gorge is the most beautiful place i have been. I always miss it.

i would love to move back to the northwest. thanks for the kind words bro,

Unknown said...

i have to go- awesome post


chris said...

Thanks for taking me back to Portland on this snowy day in Kansas. Although I missed four seasons when I lived in Oregon, I fell in love with the mist and the clouds and the explosion of GREEN in the winter. You have a fantastic blog. Thanks for sharing.

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the kind words. living in new york now, i miss the mist and the constant sound of rain.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is always such a solid read brother. I've never been anywhere near there, but it looks like such a good time. You would most definitely enjoy visiting Newfoundland.

Foster Huntington said...

are you from new foundland? i have heard such good things about. it looks beautiful. i would love to go.

TK said...

as someone tepidly testing the waters of the blogosphere, i really appreciate what you're doing here-- your photography is impressive and your narrative is compelling. this sort of stuff will definitely keep me coming back for more.

Anonymous said...

what kind of gloves?

nice images

Foster Huntington said...

they are some old european ski company. i forget the name. thanks for the kind words,