Friday, October 23, 2009

Nova Scotia in October

After spending eight hours driving down Route 1, we finally crossed over a small inlet in the Bay of Fundy into the land of "aboots," hockey obsessions and Tim Horton's. For three hours we trekked through gloomy suburbs and seemingly endless slabs of farmland until we made it to Canada's Atlantic Playground: Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia feels like Maine without the discount Burberry and Timberland outlets. It's rugged, has extreme weather, and is unpopulated.

A small camping ground and surf shop outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Sunrise on Lawrencetown Beach.

We woke before sunrise, packed up our tent and got in the water just as the sun was coming up.

Surf's up...

Surfing when the water is warmer than the air is an interesting proposition. The air was in the mid 30's and the water was in the high 40's. After 45 minutes the swell started to die down and the wind picked up. With the haste that only a surfer in freezing conditions knows, I jumped out of my wetsuit and into wool socks and my Mackinaw jacket.

Yours truly freezing my royal Rastafarian nay-nays off after playing in the water.

After a wild 24 hours, I headed down to Yarmouth, hopped on the CAT and five and half hours later I was back in the U - S of A.


Stephanie said...

Glad to see the toothbrush in the old pocket. I can almost smell the water there. It must be clean. Nice pics.

D said...


You capture some really beautiful and natural images. I always look forward to your latest post and the images routinely make it to my desktop background.


Anonymous said...


It's totally gorge there, I have to make it up.



Disaffected Prep said...

That picture of the boats is stunning and made my morning at work. You're right - looks just like Maine. Thanks for sharing.

atlantictreefox said...

nova scotia is it. i'm making plans to move there soon!

Ryan said...

Awesome pictures. Been trying to organize a trip to Nova Scotia for a while.

Keenan Jay said...

great pictures, i loved the clouds drifting over the starry sky.

Lukas said...

Beautiful pictures as always, particularly the third one down. Your blog makes me wish I could leave Florida all the more.

Foster Huntington said...

Nova Scotia is amazing, i cant wait to get back. The pics just cant do it justice.

CynatNovaScotia said...

Hi Foster,

I work for Nova Scotia Tourism and I just wanted to say thanks for blogging about us! Love Lawrencetown Beach. I don't live far from it and it's one of my fav spots. Love watching the takes a little something to be able to spend hours in our cold water. Your pictures are gorgous I wouldn't say we're unpopulated though :) There's a few of us kickin' aboot!

Hope you get up here again. Maybe when the weather is warmer...or colder..depending on how brave you are!



PurpleOne said...

Your pictures are absolutely stunning. I live in Nova Scotia and while I agree that it's a great place, it often takes an outsider's perspective to remind me just how nice it is here. Thanks!

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