Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My De Bernardi

Before I was into photography and blogging I obssessed over bikes and bike parts. Two years ago I built up this De Bernardi Thron 57 (last year they made them), wheeling and dealing parts on Craigslist.org until I finally settled on this set up.

On Saturday I rode over to the Colby Woodsman dojo to take some photos of my beloved whip.

My bike is dirty, scratched, and worn because I ride it. When I left for college I sold my Jeep and since then have used this guy as my primary means of transportation.

This Fizik Arione Wing Flex saddle has received a lot of love from my bony ass including a seventy mile jaunt from Portland to the Oregon Coast. The wheel set, Velocity Deep V laced to Miche Primato Hubs, were the only parts I purchased new, the rest are used, including my Miche Pista Supertype Seat Post.

My Micha Primato Track Cranks make me move.

This summer my De Bernardi will be back on well cared-for avenues and busy intersections mobbing around the streets of NYC. I'm excited.

Here are some more photos,
My Debernardi (Picasa),


Horrible Old Man said...

ha I used to have the red (steel) version of that bike, also with a full Miche (mee-kay) groupo. I've had that seatpost on 3 different bikes, and still have a set of those hubs kicking around somewhere new in box.

Foster Huntington said...

Mine is steel too. how did you like it? What do you ride now?

greenjeans said...

Building up bikes is so much fun. I have my dad's old Peugot and just and old steel tube beater that is my everyday commuter-I'm too worried a nice bike would just disappear around here...

nice work on not babying it too much-bikes should be ridden!

brandon said...

good luck in NY, what will you be up to?

Foster Huntington said...

I am going to be interning for Ralph Lauren doing fashion concepting.

i am glad to hear that you commute via bike.

Horrible Old Man said...

Weird I thought the blue ones were alum. but then i went back and saw the luggs on yours.
I have a 78 paramount track bike, a weird motobaccon with serotta track ends brazed in and a custom Hot Tubes (it's what I'm holding in my picture).

Foster Huntington said...

Paramounts are awesome. How did you track that down?

componentsofenthusiasm said...

amazing bike, im jealous.

Horrible Old Man said...

The paramount is a factory team bike that was traded to my friend Robert(pronounced Robear, he's french) in the early 80's. Robert rode it as a winter trainer and for roller races up to the mid 90's. I inherited it along with 80 pipes when he retired to NOLA last fall.

Lesli Larson said...

Nice bike.

Congrats on the internship.

What is "fashion concepting"?!

Foster Huntington said...

I'm Glad you like my bike. Fashion concepting is pretty much what you did with getting finding pictures of old sweaters and examples of vintage ones and putting them on a style boards so that designers and merchandisers can reference them in their work.

Angelo R. said...

I am presently using a pair of Miche hubs on my Faggin track setup.

Photo here: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3084/2553608267_e89e9c61b5_b.jpg

Foster Huntington said...

damn, thats a good looking bike. are those campy cranks?

mieletcannelle said...

This is beautiful! I was certified as a bike mechanic while living in the prairies and have never shook the love of them since..

Foster Huntington said...

Its a hard habit to kick. i probably will always be into bikes, especially as energy gets more and more expensive.

Horrible Old Man said...

Shame on you mistaking old logo Sugino cranks for Campa on that Faggin ;)

Foster Huntington said...

your right, that is very depressing. i need to step up my crank game.

Horrible Old Man said...

I'm gonna join in the look at my bike game!

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Lester - Adult Tricycle said...

Thats looks like a nice little steel machine. I'm kinda like to build bike too. It is so much fun!

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