Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From Dawn Till Dusk

I reclined my seat and started to doze as the plane taxied through the fog and rain of Lagurdia International Airport. Like a five year old falsifying a snore in the back seat of the car to get carried into bed by their parents, I disguising my disregard for FAA regulations with an apparent catatonic slumber. Giving up on my returning my seat to its upright position and removing my headphones, the flight attendent moved on. Sliding into a much needed nap, I woke with a jolt some hour and half later as the pilot announced over the PA our initial approach to the Milwaukee area.

Grabbing my backpack from the over head bin, I stutter stepped and spin moved around the stragglers in the ile, eager to end my travels. Leaving my offices on Madison Av some four hours earlier, the cold midwestern air greeted my exposed skin as I waited for the familiar sight of my grandfather's van. Within a few minutes we were heading north on 57 towards my grandfathers 97 acre farm near Adel Wisconsin.

After an hour chat with my grandfather on our way north and a pleasant reunion with my grandmother as soon as we walked through the door, I headed towards the guest room. Before sunrise the next morning, I rolled out of bed. Greeted by the subtle smell of the wood stove in the next room, I dressed and headed towards the backdoor with my camera in hand.

These photos document my first day spent exploring my grandfather's farm and shop, from dawn till dusk.
Ten miles to the east, the morning's sun reflected off the water of Lake Michigan, creating one of the most beautiful sunrises I have seen.

The back of my Grandfather's Dodge Ram.

Local Suffolks grassing in the cold November morning
All of the license plates my 76 year old grandfather has ever owned.

The inside of his barn.

After a stint raising sheep post retirement, my Grandfather now enjoys his time hunting for antique tools, cleaning and researching them, and subsequently selling the cream on eBay. Check out his Ebay Store.


A brisk November Sunset.

I shot all of these photos with a Zeiss 35mm F2.0.

Tire tracks compressed by the mornings frost, leaving lasting marks in the recently cut grass.
As the sun sank towards the east, I returned to the very stairs where I started my day, some ten hours earlier. Curiously anticipating the next days estate auction, I found comfort in the periodic dashes to the woodpile and the biting cold of Wisconsin's november night. Tired from the days exploring, I put up a meek fight against extending my evening, and was in bed before 10.

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Anonymous said...

thats wild that your gramps has an ebay store, great portrait too.

Foster Huntington said...

he finds some cool stuff. i like it a lot. shooting with a 35m lens is nice. thanks for the kind words,

Anonymous said...

good to back I imagine....

Tom White said...

You guys over there have certainly got the market for 'cool looking old trucks' cornered.

Nice pictures

Foster Huntington said...

thanks tom,
if you are looking for old pick up trucks, head to wisconsin. you wont be disappointed...

Karen and Sara Brown said...

love this! go wisco and grandpa!

Foster Huntington said...

karen or sara,
i had the best time in wisconsin. i can see why you went to school there. thanks for the kind words,

Unknown said...

i just found you today. just sinking my teeth into this. what's your connection with best made?

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for stopping by. Peter, the guy that started best made, is a friend. He has a amazing eye and designs great stuff.

This is were to make orders: said...

Glad you had a nice trip, have fun with that camera lens.

Anonymous said...

Laguardia is not an international airport, yo.

Unknown said...

Lovely photos with a beautiful story telling eye. Emotion gleens from them.

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the kind words. I am glad you like my pictures. the logo of your blog is very nice. well done.

Neil Cowhig said...

I just found you today because of FilmDrunk,David Lynch, BestMadeCo and 10engines. Scrolling through the pictures and lightly skimming the words I didn't notice anything (except really nice pics of cool stuff) until the portrait of your grandfather. 'I KNOW that guy...HOW do I KNOW that guy...' Well I live in Plymouth-just up the road from Adel-and I think I've talked with him at estate sales/tool auctions before. He's a nice guy. Small world.

Foster Huntington said...

thats my grandfather Bill. You should say hello to him next time you see him. he is a great guy,

QNelson said...

Extremely random question, but does anyone know what the name of that blue coat his Grandfather is wearing was called? I know its some Lands End from years ago since my parents both had the identical ones and I would love to get my hands on something like that but Lands Ends doesn't appear to be selling anything similar. The closest I can find is made by Woolrich.

Foster Huntington said...

Youre righr, It's a 60/40 parka by lands end. A bunch of companies are making them these days.

QNelson said...

Awesome! Any particular ones you suggest looking at?

Unknown said...

GREAT photos - especially the sheep! Good for your Grandpa. Does he need an intern to learn the business? Sounds fun.